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Where will Foshan's steel structures be used?

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With the continuous development of Foshan steel structure, more and more people will use steel structure as a building. The steel structure has a good durability, a very long time to use, and does not produce construction waste, but also can be reused. So where do we use steel structures?
1. Steel structures, such as steelmaking workshops, shipyards and heavy machinery factories, are used in some heavy-duty workshops.
2. in chemical plants, steel structures with excellent shockproof effects are very common.
3. in some places with relatively large span, such as hangar, theatre, exhibition hall and so on.
4. It is very common in buildings, whether it is one or multi-storey or high-rise buildings can be used.
5. it is also used in some tall tower mast structures, such as TV Tower.
6. residential areas, such as villas, buildings and so on.
7. in a special structure.
Foshan steel structure has a wide range of uses, the effect is very good, the future can gradually replace concrete buildings.
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