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Where will Foshan's steel structures be used?
With the continuous development of Foshan steel structure, more and more people will use steel structure as a building. The steel structure has a good durability, a very long time to use, and does not produce construction waste, but also can be reuse...
What are the characteristics of high-rise steel structure in Foshan?
With the continuous application of Foshan steel structure, in addition to the use of steel structure to build low-rise factory buildings, warehouses, shelves and other products, high-rise steel structure building is also constantly developing. High-r...
What are the advantages of steel structure office?
Steel structure buildings have a wide range of space, can take into account the use of more space, now many office buildings will use steel structure to build. Steel structure office is suitable for different industries, and offices of different buil...
What are the common multi-storey steel frame systems?
With the continuous development of steel structure building, more and more buildings will use multi-storey steel structure to build. The multi-storey steel structure needs to use steel skeleton as load-bearing system to bear the weight of various dir...
What are the steel structures?
How does the steel structure ensure no deformation during the welding process?
During the installation and construction of the steel structure in Foshan, the improper use of welding or the wrong method can directly affect the installation of the whole steel structure, the steel structure and its whole function. So welding is ve...
How should the steel structure attic be installed?
With the continuous development of steel structure, steel structure has gradually developed in factories, commercial building, schools, villas and other buildings, because the advantages of easy installation, short time, cheap and so on are gradually...
How does the steel staircase work?
Foshan steel staircase is a kind of staircase which is easy to install, with many shapes and strong firmness. Steel staircase has small footprint, diverse shapes and strong practicability. It is a kind of stairs suitable for indoor and outdoor applic...
How to design the steel structure engineering?
Before the steel structure project is carried out, the most important thing is to design the project according to the site and the customer's requirements. Many people who do not understand only one feeling, that is very tall, but the concrete design...
Anticorrosion methods for steel structures?
With the rapid development of the construction industry in China, steel structure building is one of the most widely used assembly buildings in recent years. The demand for steel structure is increasing. In order to ensure the life of steel structure...
What are the advantages of light steel villas?
The light steel villa is a kind of light steel keel which is composed of hot galvanized steel strip through cold rolling technology as the main material, and the light steel villa is also called the light steel structure house. Light steel structure ...
What is steel structure interlayer?
Steel structure dissection is in the rational use of space and space under the condition of no original floor height of residential, office buildings, high buildings, stadiums and other buildings in the building floor steel composite floor in the for...

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