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What is the bearing capacity of Foshan steel structure composite platform
There are many factors affecting the bearing capacity of steel structures. Spans and service conditions (uses) are usually referred to as the arrangement of the main girders of columns (spacing and cross-section size of the arrangement), which is mai...
How to do the deck of the steel structure sandwich floor in Foshan?
Steel structure interlayer can be used differently for different building structures. Interlayer is a kind of steel structure attic and steel structure interlayer. Its main purpose is to improve the use of space area. The bearing capacity of the orig...
What are the reinforcing methods of steel structure buildings in Foshan?
Everyone knows that Foshan steel structure building occupies a large proportion in our current construction industry, because Foshan steel structure building has very good earthquake resistance, wind protection, corrosion protection and other functio...
What are the costs of Foshan steel structure workshop?
For the construction industry, the cost of a project is very important, Foshan steel structure workshop project is no exception, in recent years, the continuous development of steel structure building, but also let more consumers continue to pay atte...
What are the characteristics of steel structure warehouse shelves?
With the continuous application of steel structure, there are many derivatives in various industries. Many supermarkets, factories and so on will use the steel structure to do the warehouse shelves, because the area is relatively small, and can place...
What are the materials that corrode steel structures?
The steel structure has good corrosion resistance, good anti-seismic ability and very long time to use. It is one of the reasons why so many factories, commercial building and villas choose steel structure as the building material. But there are a lo...
How do steel trusses be classified?
Steel truss is a kind of steel structure. Steel truss, together with beam steel, steel column and other components, is an integral part of the steel structure. Then, what are the steel trusses and how are they classified? Foshan steel structure compa...
What quality control points should be paid attention to in steel structure engineering?
In the whole steel structure, it is important, whether in general or in small details, because it is often the key to the material that we don't care or think it is not important. What quality control points should we pay attention to in engineering?...
Why do more and more people choose to use steel staircase?
With the continuous use of steel structure, it is becoming more and more popular in the construction industry. Whether the whole structure or small to staircase, shelter and so on will be constructed by using steel structure. Why do more and more peo...
How to strengthen the steel structure bridge?
With the development of the construction industry, steel structure as one of the new building materials has been gradually applied to our life. Foshan steel structure can be used in buildings such as factories, large buildings, schools, villas and so...
What are the safety protection of steel structures?
In the process of steel structure construction, there are many mechanical equipment that needs to be used, so in this complex situation, all staff members should be trained in safety. The safety protection scope of Foshan steel structure is as follow...
What problems should be paid attention to in steel cutting
Steel structure gas cutting is the process of cutting steel structure with gas cutting system and tools. There are many cutting methods for steel structure, such as flame cutting, water cutting, plasma cutting, numerical control cutting and so on. Di...

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