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Steel structure workshop
Transfer around the industrial park, you will find that many workshops have the impression of high, large and wide steel structure workshops. Most of the modern industrial workshops adopt the steel structure housing mode, which is better than the tra...
Steel structure building
Steel structure building is a new type of building system that opens up the industry boundary between the real estate, construction, and metallurgical industries, and integrates into a new industrial system. This is the steel structure building sys...
Steel structure factory
With the rapid development of the country’s economy, steel structures have played a pivotal role in the field of construction and are playing an increasingly important role. Whether in industrial or civil construction, steel structures are rapidly oc...
The present situation and thinking of fabricated steel structure building
Prefabricated steel structure building is not a new thing in China, especially in the recent national policy level, the relevant policies have been implemented one after another. However, it is undeniable that the status quo seems to be quite diffe...
Steel structure workshop
The steel structure workshop mainly refers to that the main load-bearing components are composed of steel. Including steel pillars, steel beams, steel structure foundation, steel roof truss, steel roof, note that steel structure walls can also be mai...
Steel structure building design
Steel structure building design   The key to the success of the design concept is the technical concept and performance. In the deepening of the scheme design, it is necessary to work closely with structural engineers, equipment engineers, and...
steel platform construction
Steel platform construction In the process of steel structure construction, the modern steel structure platform structure has the advantages of various forms, complete functions and wide application.The biggest feature of its structure is ...
Agricultural Equipment Storage in Hatching Base
Agricultural Equipment Storage in Hatching Base Agricultural equipment Shengbang agricultural equipment has steel structure workshop. There are 11 kinds of products in this series. All products are durable, environmentally friendly and waterproof. ...
Is steel structure house suitable for rural areas
In recent years, many rural buildings began to use steel structure. Is steel structure suitable for use in rural areas?   The use of steel structure has its own advantages:   1. The steel structure has light weight, large bearing capaci...
Portal Steel Frame Structure of Hatching Base
Portal Steel Frame Structure of Hatching Base The portal frame light-weight building steel structure is most widely used in the building steel structure system, such as single-storey industrial factory buildings, warehouses, trading markets, public ...
Solution of prefabricated steel structure garage
 Solution of prefabricated steel structure garage    Introduction to steel structure garage. When building your own garage, please don't settle down in a few years when the rickety wooden structure deteriorates, or it will leak cont...
Prefabricated steel structure hangar
Prefabricated steel structure hangar Introduction of steel structure hangar.   The steel structure hangar is called hangar for short. It is the main building of aircraft maintenance area. According to the different requirements of aircraft ma...
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