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D Series Straw Gas/Biomass Gas Generator Sets(20-1000KW)——Powered by Deutz Engine Technology
Gas: Wood processing plants, rice mills plants, furniture plants, farms , etc.
Structure: open frame, silent typ
Frequency: 50/60HZ,1000/1500/1800rpm
Voltage: 230/400/440/600/660/1050/3150/6300/10500V
Services: Provides a full range of gas power solutions
Other: we can customized according to customer requirements individualized unit.

SDNE TECH D Series Straw Gas(Biomass Gas) Generator Sets

Power System

Power technology is from German Deutz engines like BF6M, BF8M, 12v132 and TBG620 series。The engine is made by China’s military enterprise, which has obvious advantages over other similar products。

Gas Working System

We adopt control technique such as closed-loop control, lean burn, multi-point injection, ignition control and precise air-fuel ratio。 And for the key components, we adopt the world's top brands such as BOSCH, IMPCO, FISHER, MADAS etc to ensure the high quality of products。

Control System
We adopt advanced and mature control system with a friendly user-interface in both Chinese and English. The control system is of high automation.

Design Concept

Design and produce in skid-mounted integration. Integrate cooling system, control system and fuel decompression system into platform, which can reduce the time and workload of on-site installation and commissioning.

Safety Protection System

Fuel system is equipped with pressure relief valve, explosion-proof solenoid valve, warning system for combustible gas leak (optional) and remote monitoring system (optional).

Parts And Components Supply Support

80% of the components can enjoy all-round service from worldwide famous engine manufacturers。

SDNE TECH D Series Straw Gas (Biomass Gas) Generator Set Model Spectrum

(50/60Hz, 1500/1800RPM, 400/480V)

Unit ModelUnit power
Foundation Engine ModelSeriesDimensions(mm)Weight(KG)
SDDA120J120150BF6M1015CD Series


1. Scope of supply:gas engines, generators, controller, base, fan water tank, gas pressure reducing valve, gas filters, explosion-proof solenoid valve, starting batteries and connecting cables and accessories and technical data.

2. Requirements for gas source: Biomass gas should be processed like filtration, gas-liquid separation and voltage regulation. If the temperature is too high, biomas should be cooled before it is used. The pressure change rate ≤ 1kPa/min, tar content ≤ 20mg/Nm3, hydrogen content is ≤ 6%, impurity particle size ≤ 5 μ m, moisture content ≤ 20mg/Nm3, impurity content ≤ 30mg/Nm3.

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